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christ_debate's Journal

Christian Debate
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The purpose of this community is for Christians to get together and discuss Christianity, struggles in faith and be able to help each other out.

This is an open/unmoderated community, so please feel free to join, we'd love to meet you! You can post anything, as long as it's a topic that others can debate about.

Every week, a new main topic is posted by one of the mods and we will discuss it for a week. Topics we have covered so far are listed below.

Rules for this community:
- Please be respectful of other's beliefs.
- Some entries are "Friends-Only" so you have to be a member in order to view them.

Topics covered so far: (updated 01-17-05)
  • Charismatic rituals
  • Pentecostal beliefs
  • The End Times (Revelation)
  • Speaking in Tongues
  • Slain in the Spirit
  • Euthanasia (Assisted Suicide)
  • Churches in Danger
  • Organized Religion
  • The Riddle of Epicurus
  • Paranormal / Ghosts
  • Faith vs. Logic

  • Recommended Reading:
  • Last Days Madness: Obsession of the Modern Church - Gary Demar (Buy this at Amazon)
  • Christianity in Crisis - Hank Hanegraaff (Buy this at Amazon)
  • The Case for Christ - Lee Strobel (Buy this at Amazon)

    Any questions? Contact one of the mods:
    _fullspeedahead / nicolerork@gmail.com
    midsummer_frost / mindusofmoo@aol.com