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Hi, I just joined this community because of a lot of the thoughts going on in my head.
I grew up in a Catholic home. I wavered a little bit, studied around in a lot of religions, but ultimately I decided to get baptized Pentacostal in 2000.
That being 5 years ago and me being 5 years older (I'm 22 now) I have had a lot of questions pop into my head. I don't mean to start childish arguements, these are serious questions that have me up thinking until 4am on occasion.
I believe in creation. There is no question in that. Life cannot be created by man, we have the components but we cannot create it. To me that says something. So okay, we were created by a larger being than ourselves. (I have recently started questioning God...please bear with me)If we were created by larger beings, what created those beings? To say, if God created us, and matter (to say, energy) can neither be created nor destroyed, then what created God? This is driving me crazy. Because if it all works out that we were created, and if God was "created", then what created God's creator? I understand about God being all powerful and being the father of all, but this really plagues me. And that leads me into my next question:
If God is omnipotent, all powerful, all knowing, then why did the wars happen in heaven between lucifer and the other angels? if God created the angels, then why let them revolt? and if they revolt, why not just completely obliterate them when they do?
I understand that some people may not want to answer this questions, but i hope someone does. I would really appreciate someone else's insight on these questions.
Thank you all very much for reading this!
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