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WOW. Good read...

personally, i hate organized religion, i was never baptized or had communion or been confirmed yet when I was younger I went to chruch every Sunday and my parents and grandparents are very religious and at a time in my life I really did want to get baptized but I think that is only because I was scared that I NEEDED a religion in my life, now I know you may disagree with a lot of the reasons why I don't like organized religion but I wish that you would not judge me for my beliefs because there is no way I would ever judge you for yours, I think too many people use religion as a way to get out of things, I know many people who can mess up so badly (cheat, lie, have premarital sex, not go to church, don't pray) yet they think that God will forgive them for everything if they just say they are sorry, to me that seems like bullshit, I just cant fathom the fact that you can do so many bad things in your life but you can be relieved of all of that if you confess, I just don't think that's right, but that's not the reason im writing, I listen to your music like its my career, and I don't mean I just hear it, I LISTEN to it, listen to every word, phrase, line, and it moves me, every single bit of your lyrics has changed me and moved me in some way, but is it bad that I feel that I can be moved by Christian music when I don't believe in the Christian faith or any religious faith at all? now I know you are a very insightful kind of guy that's why I am seeking your opinion on this matter, I find that your lyrics relate to my life in so many ways that at times its like your singing about me and my life, which I know many people think, but at times I feel kind of guilty because a lot of your music is based on those Christian beliefs that I disagree with, I will never stop listening to your music, EVER, it brings me to a different place where I can just be who I WANT to be, and that's the best feeling ever..."
-beauty in the breakdown

dearest beauty,
anberlin is not a Christian band.
I personally have a faith in Jesus Christ.
I don't judge you or anyone (that is not my place).
I don't care what color, creed, sexual orientation, or religion you
believe in, I just want you to be touched by the music!
if that brings you closer to God than that is amazing!
if you can learn from my mistakes and failure's than that is amazing as well.
as long as you walk away with a deeper sense of yourself and long to
be a better person than; I have done my job.
YOU DO NOT NEED RELIGION IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you do not need a man made set of rules to govern and dictate every
move of your life.
what you need is God.
I'm not asking you to swallow every pill I, or any other faith,
prescribe. what I'm asking you do is to "seek." and really earnestly
seek. look through all the religion's, and all the wise men, and read
every piece of literature that you come across.
I did.
and for me the conclusion that I came up with was that Jesus Christ
was the way, the truth, and the life.
all other religion's seemed very egocentric. all rules, regulation's,
and rituals. but with Christ all his message's are all about grace,
mercy, love, and giving to other people. "this is pure religion, to
love the widows and the orphan's." it is so altruistic. so giving, so
not human (for every fiber of my body is selfish).
please don't look to Christian's to find Christ. not your parent's,
grandparent's, me, or those people on TV. look to Christ, because we
are only human and we are ALL GOING TO FAIL YOU!
for me personally I have found HOPE. hope that there is something
beyond me, something bigger than myself, something after death,
something more than life itself.
so I am asking you to seek, everywhere, anywhere. but seek, and you will find.
God bless you on this journey called life.
I hope this helps a little.
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